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Our Story

The Women Initiative Network of Liberia in Fargo ND (WIN-Liberia) was founded by Precious Y. Dweh a young native Liberian immigrant woman commonly known as Precious Yah Garpeh. She saw that change needed to happen for other single mothers—youth were becoming disconnected and important traditions and core values were being lost. She decided to work with other women in the community to create a space with activities and support services that cater for the specific needs of single mothers, youth, and vulnerable adults in the her FM communities found in Fargo, North Dakota. She is a young woman who has the passion for giving and helping people in need—just like she once was. Living both in the USA and in Liberia, Precious has had so many difficulties in her life journey. Nevertheless, she refused to give up her passion. Even though her life was seeming very complicated at that moment, it couldn’t stop her from doing what she is passionate about. Instead, she recognizes her struggles and pains in a positive way. She used it as her strength to join other women in building and improving lives within her community. Before moving to the United States, Precious earned a BBA. in accounting with a minor in economics. Precious is always passionate about achieving a higher education and currently she's hoping to enroll at the Minnesota State University to achieve her  Master's Degree in Strategic Leadership Development Programs with a concentration in the Nonprofit Sector/public administration.  Precious is a single mother and blessed by God with three handsome boys.  Like Malala Yousufzai, Precious raises her voice not to shout, but for those without a voice to be head by caring for them. We, as Liberians, and all other human cannot succeed when more than half of us are held back.



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