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How it all started


Year #1 : Kids Enrichment programs

It was a year of our humble beginning and working with kids, and youths was and still is the great part of our mission.

Year#2: Our Take one Teach one Empowerment Programs

During this year, we expanded our network by working with other communities partners on empowerment programs for women and youths.....and more.


Year #3: COVID-19 Relief, E-Learning and Humanity is Everywhere mission trip to Liberia

This Year was our year of many challenges, due to the impact that COVID-19 has on our community, we focused heavily on Self-sufficiency,  referral programming, housing and utility payment assistance and community organizing.

WCIG Pc 5.pdf.jpg

Year #4: Preparing Kids for Academic Success: At this period we focused greatly on Education and Setting Healthy boundaries.  

Image by Tezos
Image by Scott Graham

Year #5: Work in process

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